Dragos Dancila CEO/founder ( Associate Professor at Uppsala University in the department of Engineering Sciences. He received also a Complementary Master in Management, from Solvay Business School in Brussels. Dragos holds several patents in the fields of medical diagnostics and energy efficiency. Project leader in several projects related to antennas, sensors, high power microwaves technology. He is presently the Principal Investigator of the Eurostars project ENEFRF on energy efficiency in radio frequency amplifiers.

Kristiaan Pelckmans CTO ( Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics at Uppsala University, department of Information Technology, division of Systems and Control. He specialises in fundamental research on automatic control, machine learning and different applications of those. This emerged from working at different places, including Leuven, Fraunhofer, UCL London and is contributing to the ‘Smarts’ in solution.

Bo Gauffin ( Business Development Manager.                 Professional Management Consultant (PMC), with a specialty in business- and organization development. From his work in multinational corporations such as Philips, Digital and Toshiba, he has a long experience in sales and marketing, on a national and international level. He has extensive experience in introducing new technologies to the market and has helped a number of startups to scale up their sales and marketing activities.

Robin Söderholm has a background in engineering and software development, and is presently implementing the algorithms for beamforming and learning.

Adam Dahlquist is Business Creation Manager at EIT KIC InnoEnergy.